Swiss Watches: Be on Time with Rolex Watches

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Whenever we buy anything we first see that the things we are purchasing should be comfortable as well as not costly. For this we took utter care in finding the things we need for our use as clothes, shoes, Rolex watches etc.

Be on time with Rolex watch

From all the things, which we use in everyday life, one of them is the Rolex watch. Rolex watch is the thing, which introduces us with the time and teaches us to be with it. This teaching is very necessary if one wants to achieve success in his life.

There are many Rolex watches available in the market with different brands and from various countries. Every country has its own type of Rolex watches. The Rolex watch, which is much in demand, is from the Switzerland as Swiss Rolex watches.  These Rolex watches are very trendy and suits to every generation. The costs of these Rolex watches are very high which is not possible for everyone to purchase it. However, if anyone want all the features of it but at low cost, then one must go for Swiss Rolex watches. These Rolex watches because of its design, comfy on the wrist and inexpensiveness that one wants to have them in their collection.

A Rolex watch is loved by all age groups rite from the child who fantasizes to wear a Rolex watch and pose checking the time to the old age people who love to have a hanging Rolex watch to help them to be at a place in correct time. It has gained more market and has become the most gifted item. The following three are the most essential reasons to wear a Rolex watch.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Hublot King Power 66 Hodgson

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hublot swiss replica

Recently in the Hublot boutique store in London New Bond street, the chief executive officer of the Hublot brand Ricardo Guadalupe launched a wrist watch that has a special meaning – “King Power 66 Hodgson.” The wrist watch named after Roy hodgson, also he is a member of the Hublot stars family.

Roy hodgson is a former England soccer player, retired as a football coach, and once taught FA Premier League West Bromwich Albion Football Club. he was pointed as the chief coach of England team for the new generation by The Football Association Challenge Cup by four years on May 1, 2012.Roy hodgson said he is the fan of Hublot watch, for the brand in the design of special vision and advanced material application, the last is the ingenious marketing team, all of these seem to be telling a great story. Of course, it is also to celebrate the 66 birthday in 2014 of the Roy Hodgson, the Hublot brand special launched “King Power 66 Hodgson” wrist watch in his name. This wrist watch has three colors available: red, white and black. Besides, this can be an exclusive watch tailored made for those football fans. Wrist watch itself provides 45 minutes timing function, which is the same as the time of a half football contest.

The collocation of color and design makes reading time on this watch is very convenient, and the watch disk close to hollow-out design can makes the wearer feel time goes by while enjoying the beauty of movement within the operation. No matter how to change the strap and the color of decoration, the mass-tone attune of the disk surface is always given priority to red and white color, and this is also selected by the main color of the British flag, so as to in homage to the England football myth Roy hodgson.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on IWC Ingenieur IW380902 Watch

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This spring, IWC launched a new Ingenieur watch, its design is reminiscent of the classic fashion of the first batch of Ingenieur watches in the 1950s. The new Ingenieur watch will be available for sale in the fall, and now the series ushered in a new member: Ingenieur chronograph watch “Mercedes-Benz AMG horse oil fleet 50th anniversary” sports version (IW380902).

The new watch sets limited edition of 250 pieces, and it is equipped with 89361-type automatic chronograph movement, and equipped with flyback function. The watch case is made of titanium, silver dial is equipped with speed scale. As the first batch of Ingenieur watches in 1955, this watch uses soft iron inner case to protect the movement from the magnetic field effect. Through the sapphire crystal watch bottom, you can see under the lower soft iron case is carved with a number of radial grooves, the appearance is like the Mercedes-Benz AMG-like oil F1 team car racing disc. The lower part of the inner soft iron case is also engraved with the words “A tribute to one men, one engine”, that is, each engine from the start to the assembly process to complete is responsible for an engineer.

This watch was officially released at the 24-hour endurance race at Nuburg Green North (known as Green Hell). What is striking is that, in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AMG, Mercedes-Benz launched GT3 Edition 50 (50th Anniversary Edition) in this event, with limited edition of 5 units. Each car buyer will also receive an IWC Ingenieur Chronograph watch “Mercedes-Benz AMG Ma oil fleet 50th anniversary” sports version. The watch dial design takes reference to the classic color combination of the track, the curb is red and white, the road surface is black.

As the Mercedes-Martin HTP Motorsport sponsor, IWC and team drivers Dominik Baumann (Austria), Maximilian Buhk (Germany), Edoardo Mortara (Italy) and Edward Sandström (Sweden) all appear at the Nürburgring race event.

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Swiss Watches: Reviews on Tag Heuer Carrera WV5111.FC6350 Watch

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tag heuer carrera replica

Replica watches swiss and cars are precise combinations of machines. They release energy in their rivalry with time to express their pleasure. Here, we are going to talk about one watch, which is controlling speed and passion, has the mechanical and mysterious sense of racing cars, is the choice of racing enthusiasts.

Tag Heuer Carrera WV5111.FC6350 Watch

Watch case diameter: 39mm

Movement type: automatic mechanical movement

Watch case material: stainless steel

Watch comments: in earlier 1963, Tag Heuer launched the Carrera series that inspired by legendary events “Mexico Carrera Panamericana”. Once the watch was introduced, it was loved by many racing enthusiast. And after more than half a century of development, the eternal classic  Carrera series is still pursued by many people. It can be said that the Carrera series watches are classic souls on the track.

Tag Heuer Carrera WV5111.FC6350 Watch adopts a 39mm-diameter watch case. It is suitable fro both man and woman. New retro styling comes from Jack Heuer’s classic Carrera design. The stiletto strap is more fashionable. This Carrera series CALIBRE 6 watch places a red in the bulge of the dial, classic Tag Heuer’s logo and minute hand, for paying tribute to the 1963 Carrera chronometer. The small blue second dial and blue retro punch watchband echoes each other. The classic Tag Heuer’s logo on the buckle highlight the extraordinary taste in the most subtle place. The collocation of silver,blue and red gives the watch a unique fashion retro style. This Carrera CALIBRE 6 watch is equipped with Calibre 6 movement which has been certified by COSC. The balance wheel was decorated with exquisite Geneva ripple. It has the power reserve of up to 44 hours.

To summarize: The combination of watches and cars has been loved by men since the beginning. They are the product of the integration of high technology and industrial design. Men are crazy for these passionate items. They challenge the limits and burn hormones together on the race field.

Swiss Watches: Tag Heuer Keeps Challenging the Limit of Timing Accuracy

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replica watches for sale

The first priority for watches is precision. It is very difficult to divide time into very small units just relying on the functions of mechanical chronograph watch. However, this is the gold of Tag Heuer’s watchmakers.

The tag heuer carrera replica continue to challenge the limits of accurate timing. A number of the world’s first patent make Tag Heuer the champion of the Swiss watchmaking industry.

  • Mikrograph born in 1916 is the world’s first mechanism watch with the precision to 1/100 seconds. The Mikrograph 1/50 and Mikrograph 1/100 launched by Charles Auguste Heuer have gained patents. They vibrate 180,00 and 360,000 times per hour. This initiative has permanently changed the the history of sports timing, made TAG Heuer become an official Olympic chronograph supplier in early 1920.

  • Microtimer born in 1966 is the world’s first micro timing system with the precision to 1/1000 seconds. Microtimer 1/1000 launched by Jack Heuer open a new chapter for modern chronograph watch, at the same time, it opened the F1 racing and the Ferrari team’s door for TAG Heuer.

  • Microtimer born in 2002 is the world’s Swiss digital watch with the precision to 1/1000 seconds. It won “the Best Design” of GPHG in 2002.•In 200, Tag Heuer became the official chronograph of Indy 500 Racing Championship. It designed and manufactured the world’s first timing system with accuracy of 1/10000 seconds for the event. In the Paris Championship semifinal in November 4th, 2006, Tag Heuer measure accurately the slight difference of 0.0002 seconds between the No.1 Swiss racer Mattias Ekström and the No.2 racer Heikki Kovalainen. The shocking timing precision — the average speed of the two riders was 120 kilometers, which means they only apart from each other of 6.6 centimeters when across the finish line — is unique in the history of event timing.

  • Tag Heuer Calibre 360 born in 2005 adopts the balance wheel which vibrates 360,000 times per hour. It is the world’s first mechanism watch that can display 1/100 seconds. In the end of 2005, the watch was named “Vanquish”, and its limited editions is launched into the market. In 1006, Tag Heuer launched the Carrarer Calibre 360, and won “the best design” of GPHG in the same tear.

Rolex Watches: Reviews on Rolex Oyster Perpetual Explorer Stainless Steel Watch

The world famous watch brand Rolex watches introduced the new Oyster Perpetual Explorer watch, with the luminous display to ensure that you can catch the time at a glance. This model is unique as only the number of 3, 6 and 9 are coated with luminous material, and the clock mark and pointers are sending out the persistent blue light. This unique Chromalight luminous display ensures clear reading in any environmental condition. The pointer is wider and longer, so that the time reading is clearer. The new Rolex explorers are awarded Rolex’s Top observatory certification in 2015 to ensure that the Rolex watch can have the excellent performance.

Rolex Explorer is designed for conquering the peak.

The Rolex explorer watch symbolizes the indissoluble bounds of Rolex and the adventure world. In the thirties of the last century, driven by the spirit of this pioneer, fake rolex watches have provided time equipment for the Himalayan expedition for many times, and in the adventure to observe from the side, which had a direct impact on the future development of the watch, to strive to make the Rolex watch more accurate, strong and reliable. On May 29, 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay first boarded the Mount Everest, which is 8,848 meters above sea level. The culmination of the human adventure, but also has consolidated the close relation between the oyster watch and adventure activities. To celebrate this initiative, Oyster Perpetual explorer watch in 1953 officially come out, and quickly became a classic watch.

The watch is assembled and tested to ensure that the watch can perform top performance in all aspects of precision, power reserve, waterproof and automatic winding when itis worn on the wrist. And the average time error of the Rolex Explorer watch is about +2/-2 seconds per day, which is twice accurate than the precision of the normal Observatory certification timepieces.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch Watch Releases

Baselworld 2017 sees the introduction of a new member of the famed Breitling Navitimer collection with a new movement and the addition of a split-second chronograph (rattrapante) complication. Containing the new in-house-made Caliber B03 automatic split-second chronograph movement, the Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante adds an uncommon complication to the Breitling Navitimer, and a complication that I don’t think I’ve previously seen from the brand.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch Watch Releases

Split-second chronographs are coveted not so much for their functionality (although I do admit they are fun to play with) but rather because they are tricky to assemble. It was actually not until Richard Habring developed a special “low-cost” split-second chronograph module for the 7750 for IWC (where he worked at the time) that I believe the rattrapante mechanism was available for the (comparable) masses. Breitling’s B03 more than likely takes a different approach to assembling a split-second chronograph system, but is certainly more accessible in price than, say… one from Patek Philippe.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch Watch Releases

Breitling further explains that the rattrapante mechanism module is produced using an efficient 28 parts and is designed to be totally removed – and if needed, replaced – to facilitate easy servicing. Further, Breiting claims that while the B03’s split-second chronograph has been specially designed to use parts which are simpler to produce than more historic rattrapante models, this also provides the mechanism with more precise and reliable use. I say this because many split-second chronographs, given the delicate nature of their construction, are not celebrated for their precision or reliability. Note the fun design element where the Breitling anchor B logo is split, so that half of it is on the main chronograph seconds hand, and the other is on the rattrapante hand.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch Watch Releases

Rattrapante chronographs are a bit difficult to explain without demonstrating them. The idea is that a main chronograph is supplemented with an additional chronograph seconds hand (which hides under the main chronograph seconds hand when not in use). A pusher in the crown (in this case) is used to activate this additional chronograph seconds hand, which can be used to independently measure a one-minute interval while the main 12-hour chronograph is in operation. Prior to digital devices these were clearly a bit more useful, but in today’s “technique-eager” luxury watch world, lots of people swoon over mechanical technology such as this.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch Watch Releases

The Breitling Caliber B03 automatic chronograph movement is COSC Chronometer-certified and operates at 4Hz (28,800bph) with a power reserve of 70 hours. The movement features the time, date, and 12-hour chronograph with split-second “rattrapante” functionality. Otherwise, this is very much your traditional Navitimer dial, only in brown. The design comes complete with a slew of markers and indicators, including the famed rotating slide-rule bezel for making various mathematical calculations only people in extreme emergencies (or with extreme analog calculator fetishes) will rely upon.

Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante Watch Watch Releases

To launch the caliber B03, Breitling chose the 45mm-wide Navitimer watch with the brown dial in two case materials: steel, and 18ct red gold as a limited edition. The brown dials (Breitling actually calls them “Panamanian Bronze”) are matched to padded brown crocodile straps. Though Breitling will also offer the Navitimer Rattrapante on a leather or rubber strap.

To be honest, I’m not always sure who the target demographic is for split-second chronographs. It is a special sort of watch collector who values both sport watches and high-complications – but in the same timepiece. Breitling does well to reassert their design and production strengths with this new version of the B01 series movement as the B03. The Breitling Navitimer Rattrapante will be initially available in steel as well as in a limited edition of 250 pieces in 18ct red gold. Prices are $11,090 in steel and $32,895 in gold.

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